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The Real Estate Investors Newspaper is published bi-monthly or 6 times per year by Real Estate Investor News, LLC.  REIN serves Brown County and helps Wisconsin Real Estate Professionals, Investors, Landlords, Property Management Companies, Financial Institutions and Contractors to the Real Estate Industry stay informed on local real estate developments, activity and news.  The publication is mailed to 5,400 targeted subscribers who are directly involved or servicing real estate investors.  

Who We Are

The Real Estate Investor News is a printed publication that caters to real estate investors in Brown County. We have carefully curated a list of recipients that captures all 5,400 real estate investors in Brown County that own 2 or more multifamily real estate properties. Our purpose is to create a resource for local investors that includes articles about real estate development, tips for investors/landlords in our area as well as local business services related to real estate. We hope to inform and keep readers up to date on all things real estate including but not limited to current eviction statuses, financing, loan rates, market trends, property management, and legal matters. We also incorporate comics, crossword puzzles, memes, word searches, and quizzes to sharpen your knowledge and keep real estate fun! In addition, we have asked local investors and experts to contribute information to the newspaper. Each investor has a niche whether it may be getting started, financing, analyzing properties, or property management. We intend to provide a well-rounded resource for our readers to gain a better understanding of any topic regarding real estate.

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