Marketing Ideas for Leasing Agents in Apartments

An effective marketing program for leasing agents takes advantage of multiple lines of advertising and exposure. While you want to maintain a sizable presence online, you also need to provide attractive signage for the property. Word of mouth, referrals from community partners and networking also play roles in your complete market coverage that can lead to 100 percent occupancy.


Go Online

Take advantage of every online opportunity you can, including apartment finder sites and websites that offer tenants a forum for reviews. In a survey conducted in early 2013 by, more than half of apartment seekers said they use websites that provide reviews, compared to 32.6 percent in 2012. Create virtual tours of your property and list your vacancies on multiple listing servers used by the real estate industry. Run ads on sites that potential renters may visit such as your local visitor’s bureau site and city directories. Use social media networks, apartment locator services and mapping applications to get your property noticed by online lookers.



Build relationships with other rental and real estate professionals in your area to get referrals. Companies that rent furniture and computers, headhunters and HR recruiters, local Chamber of Commerce groups and the concierge at nearby hotels can prove to be valuable sources of potential renters. Provide incentives such as dinner for two at a local restaurant for every referral that turns into a renter. When giving tours of your property, provide renters with tips on local attractions, restaurants and other businesses that send you referrals.


Open the House

Hold open house events regularly to get prospective tenants on the property looking inside a model apartment. Furnish the apartment with new, updated furniture and accessories. Use rugs and mirrors to draw prospective tenants’ attention through the model to each room. Highlight amenities and make sure the model is gleaming at all times. Pass out fliers with refreshments at your open house events and take names and contact information so you can follow up after the open house. Clean and paint vacant apartments to show prospects on the spot after they’ve visited your model. Have leases on hand to give to prospective tenants before they leave.


Set Up Attractive Signage

Renters often drive around the areas where they want to live, so you should make an effort to reach them from a number of angles. Use billboards and pay for signs you put up in neighboring yards. Use large print that’s easy to read while passing in traffic and place the signs so they aren’t hidden by trees or foliage. Hang balloons on your signs to attract prospects to your open houses or to alert them of vacancies. According to Bigger Pockets, a real estate networking site, attractive signage can lead to as much as 40 percent of your traffic. It’s also one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing you can employ.



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