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In real estate, home inspections are carried out for many reasons. They can help to ensure that a home is in good condition before it is purchased, and they can help to identify any potential problems that may need to be addressed. Inspections can also help to give buyers and sellers a better understanding of the condition of the home and can help to provide peace of mind for everyone involved in the transaction.

Home inspections ensure that the property is up to code and safe for potential buyers. Buyers can be sure that they are not buying a lemon and that the property is worth the asking price.

Home inspections are an essential step in the real estate investment process as they provide valuable information about a property, its condition, and potential problems. Having a professional inspect a property helps investors make informed decisions about whether to purchase a property and how much to offer.

Whenever we talk about home inspections in Brown County, one of the first businesses that come to mind is Collins Inspections, LLC. But what makes them different from other companies in the same field? How do they differentiate themselves from their competitors?


The Name Behind the Business

The man behind Collins Inspections, LLC is Chase Collins, who grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Chase joined the United States Air Force upon graduating from Ontonagon High School. Following the military, he went to college at Northern Michigan University.

In 2017, Chase began working for Cross Inspections as a Home Inspector in lower Michigan. He changed careers a few times; however, he was performing inspections on a part-time basis throughout these career changes.

Throughout the changes, Inspections were the one thing that remained constant. His passion for working with and helping people, and his vast interest in construction and the working components of properties are what lead him to open his own home Inspection business.

In the summer of 2021, he opened his own inspections company, Collins Inspections LLC — the culmination of a four-year journey in real estate home inspecting. The rest, as they say, is history.


Services by Collins Inspections, LLC

Collins Inspections, LLC is a trusted leading home inspection company in Wisconsin and Michigan. They offer home inspection and other related services in Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, and ALL surrounding areas.

They offer a variety of services for residential, commercial, or rental properties, including:

Home Inspection

Radon Testing

Water Testing

Well and Septic Inspection (*Only in Michigan)

You can get more information about these services by visiting the company website listed at the end of this article.


Investing in Real Estate: What Home Inspections Can Tell You

Home inspections are an important part of the real estate investing process. They can help investors identify potential problems with a property that could impact its future value. In some cases, home inspections can also help negotiate a lower purchase price.

The greatest benefits of having a home inspection performed are:

1) Obtaining insight into the condition of the working components of the property. Following receiving an overview of the condition of these working components, the client is able to make plans that fall in line with their goals with this property.

2) Instilling “peace-of-mind”. Having the working components of the property inspected for proper function and safety instills peace of mind. The Inspection provides the needed information to allow the client to know what he or she is purchasing/getting themselves into.

Investors place a great deal of importance on inspections. Inspection Reports outline preventative maintenance suggestions, as well as defective components present on the property. Inspections help investors prioritize, and plan their approach and task list. Oftentimes, preventative maintenance can be performed to prolong the service life of a working component. However, if this preventative maintenance isn’t performed, the result is needed remediation or replacement.

Regardless of the reason for a home inspection in real estate transactions, they are crucial because they allow buyers to determine the property’s condition before purchasing. This helps them learn about problem areas and potential safety hazards, which can help buyers make informed decisions about whether or not to proceed with a purchase. Home inspections can also give sellers a chance to make necessary repairs before putting their property on the market.


Performing A Home Inspection: What You Need to Know

During a home inspection, a qualified inspector will take a close look at all aspects of the property, from the foundation to the roof. They will check for any structural issues, as well as any problems with the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. They will also look for any signs of pests or moisture damage.

Home Inspectors will take note of any safety concerns. A home inspection can take a few hours, and then the inspector will provide a report to the buyer, detailing the condition of the property and any areas of concern.

Home Inspection services are best suited for anyone who owns a home, is planning to sell their home, or someone looking to purchase a new real estate property. Inspecting for various purposes requires different types of inspections.

Fall Maintenance Inspections provide homeowners with insight into preventative maintenance suggestions to prolong the service life of the working components of their home.

Pre-listing inspections are commonly used by individuals that are planning to list/sell their property. They provide insight on needed repairs/maintenance to their property, which allows individuals to perform needed repairs and/or maintenance prior to listing their property.

Beyond the possibility of needed repairs/maintenance, having a pre-listing inspection done instills confidence in potential buyers. This helps to ensure a smooth process when selling their home.

Pre-closing and post-closing inspections are a resource for those individuals obtaining new real estate. Pre-closing inspection is performed prior to closing on the new real estate transaction. Essentially, this provides the client with an overview of the condition of the working components and allows them to plan accordingly with their budget.

Post-closing inspections, on the other hand, are performed following the closing of the real estate transaction. This is for clients who initially waived the inspection contingency, but would still like knowledge of what they purchased.

Every real estate transaction should have an inspection tied to it. With such a costly investment, it is crucial that investors are aware of what they are purchasing. Inspection Reports outline needed repairs, maintenance, and budgeting that will be required. To ensure the proper function of the major working components of properties, annual or bi-annual inspections are recommended.


Collins Inspections: What Sets Them Apart

Asked what makes his company different from others, Chase has this to say:

“Being able to work with other Inspectors from my previous employer, I was fortunate enough to oversee the various approaches to the Inspection process.

Through working with other Inspectors, I was able to develop my own Inspection process and procedures. I follow this process with every Inspection and have reached the point where I am able to email the Inspection Report out to the client within 45 minutes of the completion of the Inspection.”

Having your own home inspection process and procedure will set you apart from others in the industry. While there are many home inspector companies operating in Brown County and elsewhere, each having their own unique processes and procedures, most of them operate by the same guidelines and industry standards. Although the end result may be the same, not everyone inspects in the same way.

Home inspections are a vital part of any real estate transaction. Although most people know that home inspections are used to verify the current condition of a property, there is more to them than just that. Having a process and procedure will be the foundation that Home Inspectors operate their business on, so it is important to create a system that works best and meets the needs of the clients.


A Word from the Expert

When it comes to new and existing real estate investors considering Chase’s services, he offers the following recommendations:

“Instill peace of mind. Get the inspection. In a perfect world, everything would check out 100% of the time. But let’s face it, nothing is perfect.”

In closing, Chase says,

“With how costly real estate investments are, to begin with, the last thing you want to happen is to fall into an unforeseen expense. Having the inspection performed helps to outline these possible expenses, which in turn gives you the freedom to plan/budget.”


Connect with Chase

If you want to learn more about Collins Inspections LLC or inquire about their service, you can reach them with the following details:

Phone: 248-459-5883


Feel free to check out their Facebook page at @CollinsInspectionsLLC, or their website at

Collins Inspections primarily services Green Bay, the Fox Cities, and surrounding areas. However, they will go anywhere in the state of Wisconsin and are happy to help in any way they can.

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